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Electricity and natural gas prices leapt by 40.

The Avenger (Pepper) Pip's unambitious servant boy.

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Trabb's Boy Mr.

Mr. The Avenger (Pepper) Pip's unambitious servant boy. Mr.

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Matthew Pocket is Miss Havisham's cousin and the only member of her family who spoke his mind about her fiancé, Compeyson.

. Philip Pirrip, called Pip, is the protagonist and narrator in Charles Dickens 's novel Great Expectations (1861).

Pip's great expectations are ruined, and he becomes a better man. Trabb's assistant, who ridicules Pip about his new station in life, but later helps rescue him from Orlick.

London Group.
They resent Pip and see him as a threat.
Pocket very early in life, he had impaired his prospects and taken up the calling of a Grinder.


He now works tutoring young men and doing some literary editing.

. Telling Herbert his name is "Phillip" violates the terms of his patronage, which stipulated he keep calling himself "Pip. Mr.

Mr. Mr. Pip and Herbert just lie to him about his acting to make him. He does not entirely lose his good character, which is. The only thing Mrs.


. " Pip is trying to escape his lower-class past and himself.

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Pip narrates his story many years after the events of the novel take place.

Pocket fell out with Miss Havisham years ago but has still been.


Pip learns from the "toady" neighbor, Mrs.